New CIE Technical Committee on Sparkle

JTC 12 (D1/D2/D8): The measurement of Sparkle and Graininess

Div2 of CIE has validated the creation of a Joint technical committee (JTC) on sparkle, chaired by Alejandro Ferrero (CSIC, ES), and co-chaired by Youngshin Kwak (Head of CIE Div1, KR).
The term of reference of the JTC is “To provide a methodology to measure sparkle and graininess, and to develop a measurement scale. Measurands will be defined and the requirements for their measurements will be well normalized, in such a way that different instruments can provide the same spectrophotometric data from the same specimen. A psychophysical method will be recommended to obtain visual data, and its correlation with the spectrophotometric data will be worked out to develop the measurement scale for sparkle and graininess.”
If you want to joint JTC Sparkle, you are welcome.

Chair: Alejandro Ferrero (ES)

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