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Workshop on gloss

The next project meeting will be in Madrid, 23-25 Oct 2018.
First day will be a workshop on gloss, with the aim to provide you the last progresses in the field of gloss perception, gloss comprehension and gloss measurement.
The second day will be devoted to BiRD project progresses (Sparkle, BRDF and data files).

Stakeholder Meeting Alicante

Stakeholder meeting

The progress meeting took place in Alicante, Spain, 25-27 April 2018. This meeting was focused on the exchange between BiRD consortium and BiRD stakeholders, as we did in the past during xDReflect. We shared  our research on BRDF measurement and during the breakout session there was the opportunity to obtain feedback and discuss needs, issues and collaborations. At the end, we had 48 attendees. 18 were from BiRD consortium and 30 from stakeholders representing 21 different companies. It was a great moment. We hope we can renew this experience for our next meeting in Madrid (ES) for the workshop on gloss (23-25 Oct 2018).

Presentations from the meeting are available in the Stakeholder Area. To access the documents, please login or if you do not have login, please contact us for registration.


Joint Technical Committee on Sparkle

JTC 12 (D1/D2/D8): The measurement of Sparkle and Graininess

Div2 of CIE has validated the creation of aJoint technical committee (JTC) on sparkle, chaired by Alejandro Ferrero (CSIC, ES), and co-chaired by Youngshin Kwak (Head of CIE Div1, KR).
The term of reference of the JTC is “To provide a methodology to measure sparkle and graininess, and to develop a measurement scale. Measurands will be defined and the requirements for their measurements will be well normalized, in such a way that different instruments can provide the same spectrophotometric data from the same specimen. A psychophysical method will be recommended to obtain visual data, and its correlation with the spectrophotometric data will be worked out to develop the measurement scale for sparkle and graininess.”
If you want to joint JTC Sparkle, you are welcome.

Chair: Alejandro Ferrero (ES)

CIE Technical Committee TC2-85

Recommendation on the geometrical parameters for the measurement of the bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF)

Next meeting of TC2-85
Next meeting will be held in Eindohoven (NL) around June 12, 2018 during the Div2 annual meeting.  A special emphasis will be given to polarization effect in BRDF measurements during this meeting. If you want to joint TC2-85, you are welcome. We need your support and knowledge are user of BRDF measurements, as multi-angle spectrophotometer or goniospectrophotometer manufacturer, as standard artefacts manufacturers.

New stakeholder

We have an new industrials who jointed the group of BiRD’s stakeholders.

For more information visit the Stakeholder Area.

Elcometer Ltd. has been for more than sixty five years a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings, concrete and metal detection industry.

Progress Meeting in April 2018

Stakeholder meeting

25-27 April 2018, Alicante, Spain

The meeting will be focused on the exchange between BiRD consortium and BiRD stakeholders, as we did in the past during xDReflect. In the agenda, talks about our research on BRDF measurement at NMI level and breakout sessions where we can have your feedback and discuss needs, issues and collaborations.


Venue: Culture UA center 

Address:  Calle San Fernando 40, 03001 Alicante – see on googlemaps

Arrangement Details

Call for Stakeholders

We are currently building the stakeholder committee of BiRD project! It is opened to all person/institution/company/committee interested in the topics of BRDF, gloss, sparkle and datafile format. Terms of Reference of the Stakeholder Committee describe the purpose and role of the Stakeholder Committee and can be found here on the website. If you want to joint the committee, please contact us. Stakeholder committee will be formed first half of January 2018.

New Industrial Stakeholders

We have 3 new industrials who jointed the group of BiRD’s stakeholders over the last weeks.  We would like to welcome and introduce them to you.

For more information visit the Stakeholder Area

DITF (German Institute of Textile and Fiber Research) forms the largest textile research center in Europe with more than 300 scientific and technical staff.

TQC designs and produces field measuring instruments and lab equipment for testing paint and coatings and general surface treatment.

Seelab is a newcomer that designs and sells goniospectropohotometers dedicated to aspect characterization of raw materials and products with optical effets.