5th Progress Meeting

WP1: Measurement of BRDF
  • WP1 progress (A. Schirmacher)
  • Suitable values for BRDF measurement parameters on goniochromatic samples (A. Ferrero)
  • Effect of the shape and homogeneity of the beam in BRDF measurements (A. Rabal)
  • Dependance on interferance pigments observation solid angle (G. Porrovecchio)
  • Measuring the BRDF in the specular direction, main challenges (G. Obein)
  • Comparison of BRDF measurement in the specular direction (A. Schirmacher)
  • BRDF in the specular and speckle (T. Labardens)
WP2: BRDF data handling and visualization
  • WP2 progress
  • How can you built your universal BRDF file format in JSON?
  • BiRDview, application and feedback from users
WP3: Gloss
  • WP3 progress
  • Can we make correct specular gloss simulations with the BRDFs ?
  • JTC 17, report on objectives and status
WP4: Sparkle
  • WP4 progress
  • Publication of NMI’s sparkle measurements
  • Measuring graininess – d:0° vs d:8 (METAS)
WP5: Impact